MongoFrames is designed to fit into a workflow not dictate one, the code base and API documentation are short and well worth a peruse if you're looking to use MongoFrames in your next project.

MongoFrames is designed for Python 3.4+, it definitely won't work with Python 2.n and may not work with earlier versions of 3 (we don't test below 3.4).

Importing MongoFrames

MongoFrames consists of three core modules - frames, queries and pagination. Each of which provides a distinct set of functionality. You can import all core modules using:

from mongoframes import *

Import each core module separately:

from mongoframes import frames, pagination, queries

Or import just the class/functions you require:

from mongoframes.frames import Frame, SubFrame

The later two examples of importing MongoFrames are the recommend approach, using import * is discouraged as it can cause naming clashes, may be inefficient and doesn't document the origin of functionality. However throughout the documentation you'll see import * used, this is purely for the sake of brevity.